Greenlink offers 11 fixed routes to destinations all across Greenville County. All Greenlink buses are accessible for mobility devices, and each Greenlink bus is equipped with a bike rack to make commuting easier for bike riders. The Greenlink system also features GAP, an ADA paratransit service provided for those who, because of a disability, are unable to use Greenlink's fixed route bus service. Greenlink is operated by the City of Greenville under contract to Greenville Transit Authority. 

Electric City Transit

Operated by the City of Anderson, Electric City Transit provides four bus routes with service throughout the Anderson and Pendleton areas. 

Clemson Area Transit






Clemson Area Transit (CAT) is a public service provided fare-free by Clemson University, the City of Clemson, the Town of Central, the Town of Pendleton, the City of Seneca, the South Carolina Department of Transportation, and the Federal Transit Administration.

The Spartanburg Area Regional Transit Agency (SPARTA) provides low-cost, convenient public bus service to all areas of the city, as well as several destinations outside the city limits.